Creative Flow

Hello fellow on lookers, my name is Teresa Escobar. A home grown California native. I would like to present to you all; my craft and what I am most passionate about. And don't fret; contact me through email, check out my instagram page and ask me questions regarding about my work. Please enjoy!

Just working on my niche!                     Keep your eyes out on this lovely Mary on my store #scratchboard #tfeart  #art #blackandwhite #maryjane #joints #stonerart #saulte
"Lovely lady." Made this beaut last night too! #tfe #art #print #etsy
Another successful Tuesday night at the studio! I will by placing this gem on my etsy shop. Go check it out. 😋
Hot off the press!!! I have prints all set for tonight get them while they’re hot! $10 each a print already framed. Find me at the Trip bar for these hot items, plus  stay for Belle Rousse performance! +21.Free show!  (at 2101 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405)

TFEart on Etsy

I’m proud to announce: that my prints and other final pieces will be available for sale on Etsy! Available right now is my camera print, “Don’t blink”. Please check it out there is more to come!!! Thank you! 💕💋

Believe it or not but the print on the left is my test print which came out the best and the others are in the process for another layer of paint. It has been awhile since I posted. Nevertheless, I’m glad to be doing the physical work of carving into lino and seeing my print come out on paper. It brings up so much excitement when it’s all done.

Random fact: I have a size 2 gauge in each ear, 3 ear rings on each ear, 1 septum piercing & 1 nose piercing that equals about 10 modifications. #trippy #piercings #earslookweird #selfie #earrings #gauges #septum #nosering #whatsnext #instacollage #random #facts #aboutme #letscountthem #welcomehomepiercings
My sister said, I dance like Kermit the frog. well she made it come to life on paper hahaha. this makes me love her even more!!! Hahaha epic!! #silly #kermitthefrog #datsme

My Buuuubbles!!!!
For my next project I’m doing an ocean theme collection. I’m using my preschool arts and carfts knowledge to finish this ocean piece. I am liking the results so far.